My Marketing Expertise

Let's be honest, having a great website that nobody can find isn't any use is it? Imagine it's like having a beautiful poster displayed in an alley nobody walks down, pretty pointless. I excel at natural search strategy and campaigns. Innovative research, optimisation and reporting services deliver great results around your KPIs. Get in contact and I'll provide a free SEO audit across your site and explain what we can do for your business!

Content OptimisationEnsuring your websites content is following Googles best practice guidelines and is easy to understand.

Technical SEOMaking technical on-site and off-site changes that heavily impact the performance of your site.

Social Media MarketingA business not using social media is a business that's missing out. We'll help you with campaigns and more.

Email MarketingNeed help reaching more of your customers? We'll help you sort through your email data and make sure everything meets current GDPR rules.

Paid AdvertisingNeed quick promotion? Paid advertising on Google and Social Media is a great method of achieving fast results at a low cost.

Monthly ReportingWe'll provide a detailed monthly report with information about what changes have been made and how everything is performing.

Data Analytics.

Providing critical information about how your website is being used.

Traffic Analysis

Track where your website visitors come from, how long they spend on certain pages, where they're clicking and why they're leaving!

User Actions

We can set-up and monitor various actions that visitors take. Need to track downloads of a PDF? How many times a video has been watched? Form submissions? It can be done!

Referral Sources

Find out what other websites and sources lead to yours! How many people come from Facebook? Maybe someone mentioned you in a blog which is driving traffic, you'll never know without Google Analytics.

Campaign Tracking

Track how successful campaigns have been. How many people came from a Facebook Advert? Or track visits from specific referral websites?

Top Pages

Find out which pages are being visited the most and how they're being found. Maybe people are finding hidden pages you don't want them to see. Or an important page needs more visitors!

Target Audience

Create a defined target audience and track it using the detailed information Google Analytics provides. Targeting the correct audiences means more conversions for your business.