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Having a fantastic website is great and all, but how are you getting people to your site? More importantly, once they’re there how are you converting them into customers? We work together to drive organically targeted traffic to your website, whether you're a local business serving customers within London, or you're an international hotel bringing in customers from all over the world. We also make sure you know what’s happening to that traffic after they’ve clicked on your search result.

Search Engine OptimisationIs your website not getting the organic traffic you need? We help to drive new targeted traffic to your website through organic search optimisation.

Conversion Rate OptimisationWhat's the use of ranking in search engines if no ones converting once on your site? We help you convert your visitors into paying customers.

Link BuildingThe number of websites linking to yours is an important ranking factor, but it takes time to build a strong link profile. We do all of the hard work for you.

Responsive Web DesignWith Google now moving to a mobile first ranking and indexing system, not having a responsive website in 2019 is unacceptable. We'll help you get that sorted.

Website AuditingI always recommend a site check-up and SEO audit at least twice a year, this provides valuable insight into what needs fixing on your website and how to do it.

SEO Training/ConsultingPerhaps you already know about SEO and just want an extra pair of eyes during your web build, or maybe you want to learn more? Get in touch for more advice.

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Google Analytics.

Do you know how your websites being used? Setting up Google Analytics correctly is crucial to understanding what visitors are doing on your website and what pages might be causing people to leave your site and not come back!

Traffic Analysis

Track where your website visitors come from, how long they spend on certain pages, where they're clicking and why they're leaving!

User Actions

We can set-up and monitor various actions that visitors take. Need to track downloads of a PDF? How many times a video has been watched? Form submissions? It can be done!

Referral Sources

Find out what other websites and sources lead to yours! How many people come from Facebook? Maybe someone mentioned you in a blog which is driving traffic, you'll never know without Google Analytics.

Campaign Tracking

Track how successful campaigns have been. How many people came from a Facebook Advert? Or track visits from specific referral websites?

Top Pages

Find out which pages are being visited the most and how they're being found. Maybe people are finding hidden pages you don't want them to see. Or an important page needs more visitors!

Target Audience

Create a defined target audience and track it using the detailed information Google Analytics provides. Targeting the correct audiences means more conversions for your business.