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Do you have a strong SEO strategy in place?

If you're looking around for SEO services you've probably come across different packages that offer something along the lines of gold, silver and bronze services. The truth is every website is different and not all websites benefit from the same actions. An SEO 'expert' that sticks to the same list of checks for every website they manage can't really call themselves an expert. I believe in bespoke campaigns that different based on your website and business type.

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Search Engine Optimisation - The Fundamentals to Success

AccessibilityHow accessible is your website? There's a lot of overlap bewtween accessibility and SEO. Ensuring every user can easily read and understand your website is important.

Compelling ContentContent that's sharable and interesting is one of the most important SEO factors today. Writing a load of gibberish that users have no intent of sharing is pointless.

Keyword OptimisationDo you know which keywords to target, or how you'll even target them? I perform in-depth keyword research and implement these keywords contextually on your website.

User ExperienceA website that's hard to use is, well, rubbish. You've probably been to a website that's frustrating to use or just difficult to find what you need. I'll help you fix that.

Quality BacklinksHow many websites link back to yours? More importantly, are they quality, contextual links? I perform backlink audits and help you build your link profile.

Technical SEOFrom Structured Data to page speed optimisation, do you know what important factors affect your websites ranking in search engines such as Google and Bing?

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