Fed up of Google tracking your searches, or simply want to try something new? Here are our top picks for alternative search engines to Google to give a shot. Some you’ve most likely heard of already, and some won’t sound familiar at all, check them out below!

1. DuckDuckGo

Worried about your online privacy? DuckDuckGo is all about protecting your privacy and is a great option for people who want to keep their online activity more private. It’s known for keeping searches private, not tracking you across the web, and doesn’t use your data for personalised ads.

2. Ecosia

Believe it or not, Ecosisa plants trees with it’s searches! Simply use it like any other search engine and Ecosisa ill od the rest. They use their surplus income from ads to fight climate change and environmental injustice.

3. Bing

Bing is Microsoft’s own competitor to Google. It’s equally as good as Google, so it’s a great alternative. Plus, as of February 2023, Bing announced a brand-new, AI-powered version of its search engine and Edge browser!

4. Yahoo

Yahoo is another big name in search and will be very familiar for someone moving away from Google.

5. WolframAlpha

WolframAlpha is an extremely powerful search engine. It can’t replace Google for traditional searches and won’t be able to tell you where your nearest Pub is, but paired with one of our other alternatives; it’s a great tool for answering your questions about millions of topics. See some examples here.

6. Qwant

Fairly new to the search engine scene, Qwant is an EU-based search engine that prioritises your privacy. This Paris-based search engine doesn’t track your searches or sell your personal data and claims it’s the “The search engine that doesn’t know anything about you
” so you can search with complete confidentiality.

7. Gigablast

Gigablast may not look as modern as the other search engines, and it might get things wrong sometimes, but it provides fast results without the fluff, and without tracking users. It’s is a solid search engine option for those who value speed, accuracy, and privacy.

8. Startpage

Starttpage is a great alternative to Google. It actually uses Google’s index to serve up results, but without Google tracking you!

9. Twitter

Twitter is the go-to search option for real-time results. You may have to be a bit more precise about what you’re looking for but it’s the perfect place to keep on top of brand-new and changing topics.

10. TikTok

If visual search is more your thing then TikTok works surprisingly well as a search engine. Simply search for whatever you need and get up-do-date video answers to your questions. Perhaps you want to check out some honest guest reviews of a hotel you want to visit, or are looking for the best coffee shop in London. Give it a try!

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Published On: March 20th, 2023 / Categories: Digital Marketing, Search /