SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and it’s the latest craze in marketing your business. Well, actually, “craze” may not be the best choice of word because SEO has been here for a while, and it’s clear that it’s here to stay. If you’re still putting all of your marketing budgets into traditional advertising, you might be missing out.

SEO is a technique used to help customers find your website via search engines and interact with your business. Every industry needs strong SEO to be competitive online these days, so if you haven’t invested in it yet it’s high time you took a look into it!

Organic Search is Number One!

Year after year, organic search is the number one way people find what they’re looking for on the internet, whether they’re searching for a certain product or are researching a service – it all starts with search. When your website doesn’t have SEO, it isn’t competitive on the internet, you might be the number one option for your niche product, but if people can’t find you easily, they go with the next best thing. That’s usually the website that’s first on the organic search results for their search terms. Do your business a favour and make it easily findable!

SEO brings the traffic

You know you need a website for your business but do you know what it’s for? Sure, it keeps everything in one place and gives your business a hub if people visit, but without proper SEO far fewer people can find you. Whether they’re searching for a product or service you offer or something more general, good SEO can bring traffic your way. SEO isn’t just a marketing cost, it can be considered as an actual business investment that’s used to significantly grow your business over time.

Make your sales slicker

With SEO, the whole sales process is easier from the get-go. SEO is like putting up a big sign that says “over here” for the products you sell. When customers find your website, they’ve usually made the decision already about buying the item; you only have to convince them to buy it from you! This is also halfway done when they land on your page. Having good SEO will lead to a better user experience too, and that’s more important than ever. Few realise that optimal user experience is a big part of getting better rankings and more conversions.

SEO is trustworthy

SEO works on all the major search engines but the one that is used most often is Google by far. Over 4 billion people use Google meaning that 4 billion people trust its search results, Google uses thousands of different ranking factors when they decide who ranks for different terms – so you ca be sure you’re likely to find something relevant to your search.

Help local people find you

If you’re a small or medium-sized local business, you can’t afford to ignore “local SEO.” With so many people on mobile today, you want to be the first to let them know what you have on offer when they’re in your area. But that’s not all; local SEO can establish your brand at a local level focusing on specific villages, towns, cities, regions and even counties to establish a strong medium for a brand on a local level.

Out click competitors

Clicks are valuable, not just for attracting customers to your business and making sales but also for improving your search engine ranking. There are no conclusive findings of clicks and higher ranking, but that’s the case with lots of SEO. It’s clear that websites with more traffic ranked higher and that’s down to their click-through rates (CTR).

SEO is cheaper than paid ads

You could spend all of your marketing budgets on paid advertising or you could invest in SEO. You might think it’s a safer bet to put your budget into ads, especially since SEO takes time to pay off, but when it does, it’s worth the wait. By investing in SEO, you will have a fantastic website, great content, and an engaged customer base!

Evergreen SEO

How would you like your marketing budget to continuously add value to your company for years, not just weeks or months, that’s the difference between paid ads and SEO. Paid ads will give you leads in the short term, but well-constructed SEO will turn customers onto your website year after year. Talk about value for money.

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