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Alex Walls

Who am I?

Hi I'm Alex - an expert SEO and marketing consultant based in the South West of England. I spend my time helping business (small and large) build their brands through Marketing and SEO initiatives.

I work as a Marketing Consultant, specialising in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Digital Strategy, Data Analytics, and Conversion Rate Optimisation. If you’re interested in having a chat with a passionate SEO get in touch. I’m happy to discuss how I can help you maximise your websites potential.

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What Do I Do?

Have you seen a drop in your website's traffic or believe it can perform better than it currently is? Perhaps you're not sure whether you need a new website or can just improve your current one? I've helped businesses from all over the UK improve their rankings, generate better quality traffic, increase their online presence and much more. These businesses range from independent garages and payment gateway providers to theme parks and large world-renown hotels. There tends to be a lot of confusion to why certain things should be done on websites if they don't have a direct impact, why can't we just click our fingers and get ranked first for everything possible? The answer isn't clear either, the truth is Google use over 200 ranking factors that all effect your websites performance in one way or another. These range from having good quality content for readers to using structured data.

Content OptimisationEnsuring your websites content is following Googles best practice guidelines and is easy to understand.

Technical SEOMaking technical on-site and off-site changes that heavily impact the performance of your site.

Social Media MarketingA business not using social media is a business that's missing out. We'll help you with campaigns and more.

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